Why does Chích Chòe Play focus on pure Vietnamese culture?

11:38 pm

A great app for kids Chích Chòe must engage children with famous cartoon friends from around the world. Thousands of videos on Chích Chòe are edited and localized in Vietnamese, by a team with extensive experience in crafting, editing and dubbing. The development of children to become global citizens with Vietnamese cultural roots, is the goal of Chích Chòe.

The Chích Chòe application is built on the basis of emotional intelligence education, centered on the joy and dreams of children. Through stories and adventures of world famous cartoon characters, children are naturally integrated into lessons about the values ​​and skills that contribute to shaping  personalities such as compassion, honesty, fairness, self-discipline, self-assessment, respect for others, sense of responsibility, and respect for oneself.


A team of Badanamu brought a new and positive learning experience to Bomchikia Bom boy who was happy with his dreams to explore the colorful world, filled with strange friendships. The mischievous penguin Podoro playing with friends, is a good story for children to learn about the value of friendship or Tayo the green bus with friends to bring your children simple traffic lessons that are easy to understand.

With exclusive content and high-quality bilingual videos, Chích Chòe sets itself apart from other video and gaming platforms with its strong commitment to promoting family affection by building a habit of caring.

With videos ranging from Life Skills (survival; behavior, mobility, self-care, environmental protection). Love (love yourself, family, friends, animals, nature and society) to an attitude of life (optimism, sympathy, gratitude, sharing, discipline) helps children easily choose. Chích Chòe fosters and develops emotional intelligence for children naturally.

Chích Chòe helps children approach lessons in a truly different way; they do not feel they are learning, but are playing and relating, and applying their learned knowledge to real world situations.

Chích Chòe nurtures and develops Vietnamese culture

Chích Chòe is aware of the problem of using Vietnamese language in a non-standard way or the existence of grammatical errors is not helpful so to improve the preservation, transmission and promotion of the purity and beauty of Vietnamese for children right from the first stages, Chích Chòe is dedicated to learning the correct structures in language.


Chích Chòe app with its localized video content, allows for Vietnamese culture to be recognized in correct and accurate  Vietnamese. The specialized editorial team  skillfully integrates knowledge, helping children learn life skills, while cultivating standard vocabulary. While localizing, the storytelling language is developed in a unique, creative vocabulary group, Chích Chòe's videos will also become different, not duplicated in any country in the world or on today's video social network.

These videos also incorporate Vietnamese proverbs in their content, conveying the beauty of Vietnamese in a memorable way while making them closer to parents and children.

Bilingual videos from Chích Chòe with well-edited standard speech and language can help children access a wide range of languages. Children are also immersed in the lovely playful melodies of the penguins, cute buses, while the lyrics have been localized, to help stimulate imagination and  creative thinking, In particular, the experienced Chích Chòe parents absolutely do not worry about being bothered by ads or the appearance of unhealthy content.


Chích Chòe helps to evoke potential including language, logic, music, communication, interaction, spatial vision, nature and children's movement. With the function of supporting parents to grasp the play time of the child, through the filtering function of favorite content of each child and the family, parents can be assured  children will interact more..


Chích Chòe understands that we cannot expect children to live and experience childhood the same way they did in their time. It  is right that we will direct our children to the folklore values ​​we desire, and in other ways. For example, through the forms of entertainment your child will approach every day. That is why content of Chích Chòe is carefully edited. With the expectation that Vietnamese children will be exposed to the best content possible, Chích Chòe focuses on providing children with quality educational entertainment programs with a modern, fresh images and positive energy.

Parents can also explore interesting stories with Chích Chòe to help them interact with their children. In order to encourage children's growth, they can take appropriate measures to encourage and nurture children's talents.

Source: Chích Chòe