The Chích Chòe character system: every character is a meaningful lesson

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Chích Chòe creates fun and relaxation for children to learn with famous friends around the world. Lessons about the world with mathematics, phonics and knowledge will be given to children in the most vivid way.

Thanks to the Chích Chòe's store of children's entertainment, each video is a short story in the journey of smart friends who explore the world. Not only Bada, Abby, Mimi, Jess, Pogo, and Curly, but Chích Chòe squads also have the companion of the little dragon Pao Pao, Pororo, the small Tayo and the vibrant BoomChikki.


Thousands of bilingual videos in Vietnamese, with easy-going music, eye-catching dances, and interesting adventure stories have been divided into topics for children to follow and develop skills. Each topic is broken down to help children easily select them. Children will learn about friendship, courage and teamwork.

Discover the world of famous cartoon characters in five continents and the meaningful messages behind the stories from Chích Chòe children!

Badanamu Squad


The famous music series Badanamu (launched in 2011 and available in 30 countries) maybe already familiar to many children. Bada with his white fur gives people the feeling of closeness and warmth, Abby the white owl is cute, brave, adventurous and assertive with a scientific mind. Thoughtful and humorous Pogo likes to care for and help his young friends. Curly and the penguins are funny and gentle. Jess "Diva" is the central star of all attention, Mimi is an intelligent pink wool reel - a character inspired by an abstract animal-shaped artifact at the British Museum.

Through catchy melodies and lively images, super cool choreography of Badanamu Squad, children will gradually get used to the world around them with useful lessons to help children develop language, creativity and emotional intelligence.

Music is an art that can help children develop their brain, think logically and learn science subjects better. With the Badanamu Squad, children can distinguish colors, learn to count, learn about animals, seasons, days and months, family, environment, self-care and personal hygiene.

PaoPao baby dragon


An adorable baby dragon in striking red boots, Paopao always wants to fly high and meet friends from different places. Together with Poke, Penji, Anta, Kku and Leo, the children fly together to meet the Bao Bap tree, which offers wishes.

🎶There are pretty red shoes, there are two children called Poke and Penji.

🎶And there goes Anta and Kku the white sheep.

🎶Leo plays the guitar, so let's go!

🎶Come to the far skyline to meet BaoBap.

🎶How wonderful it is to see the immense world.

🎶Dear friends, from now on we will be happy and not bored.

🎶Pao Pao is interested in a wonderful trip

🎶Pao Pao adventure follows the great dreams.

Pororo penguin


The adorable super penguin lives in a cute cottage in the snow-capped village next to Porong Porong Forest. The identifying feature of Podoro is a blue and white belly, gold beak, and a pair of pilot glasses.

Through the challenges in each episode, Pororo and his friends learn more valuable and practical lessons about life and friendship.

🎶I love playing all day, so come over here!

🎶So much fun, with Pororo penguin!

🎶Although this place is full of snow, Pororo cannot be stopped.

🎶Laughing and playing is so much fun, every day is an adventure.

Tayo Bus


Tayo, the minibus is the second most favorite cartoon after the Pororo Penguin series, especially in North America. Join Tayo and his friends: Rogi, Lani, Hana and Cito. Children will learn useful transport lessons and valuable friendship ideas.

♪Hey Tayo, Tayo, it’s a friendly bus ♪

♪Speed ​​up, slow down, Tayo likes to roam ♪

♪Hey, Tayo, hey Tayo, it’s a friendly bus ♪

♪Speed ​​up, slow down, Tayo is always happy ♪

♪Flat or flat ♪

♪Roundabout or straight ♪

♪Tayo has no fear in front of him ♪

♪Though it’s dark and frightening, you’re not alone ♪

♪With you around, there’s nothing to worry about ♪

♪With this new day, have fun playing ♪

Boomchiki Boom


Children are delighted to explore the colorful world around them, filled with strange friendships from Bomchikia Bom boy.

The  Chích Chòe app with famous friends from around the world, with stories, songs with meaningful messages creates relaxing moments for children, helps them develop language, body, and foundational skills, as well as, creativity and emotional intelligence. Learning from a young age is no longer a burden for children but more of a joy.

More than 2000 clips (expected to increase to 4,000 clips in 2020) are carefully edited for each content and arranged into topics suitable for children to follow. Chích Chòe App is available on Google Play and iOS, ready for parents and children to experience the basic packages for free.

Source: Chích Chòe