Animated characters have a bigger impact on children than their parents think

8:06 am

Cartoons and cartoon characters have a significant impact on children's behavior and development. The positive or even negative impact depends on how parents guide their children in the usage of that media.

Immersing in favorite cartoon characters is undoubtedly a good time for children to relax. For children, watching cartoons is simply entertaining, however, day-to-day contact with familiar characters has a great influence on the actions of children now and in the future.

The witty stories and funny characters in the animated movies are often in the minds of children. Children often idolize their favorite characters and imitate their actions. Parents may  think that every cartoon is transparent and the content is harmless. What if  one that your child admires encourages bad habits or displays negative behaviors?


By looking at some content carefully, parents can see many movies that have extremely cute character images, but there are scenes of aggression, violence or the use of words that do not match the age of the child. There are a number of cartoons that display rude or anti-social behavior. Children may imitate this behavior and challenge parents or teachers by being ill-disciplined.

In a digital age, when a mobile phone is connected to the internet, children can easily select thousands of entertainment videos. The responsibility of parents is to guide them to choose the genre, choose safe cartoon characters to avoid negative effects for the child, and take advantage of cartoons to help the children to fully develop skills and emotional intelligence. Children, whether studying at school or at home, will have a certain emotional connection to a character and they will learn much by themselves.

Good characters come with good lesson for children

Great cartoons not only help children foster knowledge and develop vocabulary, but also carry the message of friendship, love and wisdom. Therefore, by watching cartoons, children will identify objects, moral concepts, and how to behave with unexpected situations.


With the goal of providing Vietnamese children with a healthy learning and playing environment, Chích Chòe -  an application for distributing advanced educational and entertainment content to the home with cartoon characters, that are carefully selected and localized with standard language that is easy to understand and remember.

With only one single application Chích Chòe, children can meet many cartoon characters that are loved by millions of children around the world.

Children will be delighted to explore the colorful world around them, filled with strange friendships such as the cute Boom Chika Boom boy.

A Badanamu squad brings a new and positive learning experience for children from two to six years old.

Podoro, the mischievous penguin playing with friends is a good story for children to learn about the value of friendship.

Tayo, the Green Bus and friends are simple and easy to understand about traffic lessons.

The adventure of Paopao, is one of the stories  with learning and playing valuable for children under six years old.

Diverse content and forms of expression, from music, storytelling to interactive games and smart cartoon characters lead children to become acquainted and aware of objects,  and surrounding phenomena. Children do not only watch content for entertainment, but also for increasing understanding through real-life perspectives.

More than 2000 clips (expected to increase to 4,000 clips in 2020) are carefully edited for content and arranged into topics suitable for children to follow such as love, knowledge, life attitudes, skills, together with useful games: puzzles family, math, and phonics. These will train and develop thinking skills, and especially cultivate emotional intelligence. Mothers and fathers can easily search for specific videos for both learning and entertainment goals.


Parents can also explore interesting stories from Chích Chòe with their children to increase interactivity to encourage and nurture their children's talents.

Chích Chòe helps children approach lessons in a different way; children do not feel they are learning, but are playing by applying their knowledge through real-world situations.

By using parental controls, apps have tracking and filtering software for inappropriate content and block features parents don't want children to access. Make sure parents do not leave the child alone in front of the TV or iPad for hours without monitoring what they are watching. No longer worry about children accessing bad content, Chích Chòe is a fun - educational - learning and play channel for children that parents cannot ignore.

Source: Chích Chòe