Child – Rearing in the digital age: Instead of prohibition, guide your children to entertain wisely

9:42 pm

We should use the “rights of parents” to prohibit their children from overusing phones and iPad or show them ways  technology can lead children to experience a colorful world, that develops emotion intelligence and forms essential skills of a future digital citizen.


According to an annual UNICEF report, one in three internet users worldwide is a child. The overuse of technological devices prevents children from communicating and developing language ability, so they may adapt to social life, and become self-reliant.

Children and technology often makes people think of the negative perspectives. However, with suitable instruction, technological devices can provide children with joy and much convenience in learning, searching and accessing information, through soft skills software to knowledge. Another study from the University of Michigan, USA based on children from 4 to 11 years old also showed that children will be disadvantaged if they are prevented from being exposed to technology - so the key lies in choosing the relevant time to ensure that children are exposed to qualified  and age-appropriate content that is beneficial to the development of intelligence, emotions and skills

In fact, it is hard for parents to ban children from looking at their
phones. There are hundreds of thousands of attractive videos that
make  children stay tuned, so it is better to choose a smart educational
channel to both entertain and leverage the power of technology for a child's
full development.

Modern parents’ new trend: help children play through learning education apps.

In the age when everything has a corresponding mobile app, education is no
exception. Instead of leaving children to be entertained
with unregulated online content, many parents opt for a solution that children
can learn through apps.


These apps help children "satisfy" their technological connection, but still ensure the development of knowledge and the necessary skills for the development of children. Learning becomes more fun and engaging through graphics and unique sounds in many forms, such as stories, music and games. Children can play and learn "anytime anywhere" without  textbooks.

The question is how to choose the best application for children, to not only cultivate knowledge and skills, but also develop emotional intelligence. According to Yuval Noah Harari, a famous scientist and historian, "the most important things in education are factors like emotional intelligence and mental balance because one thing that children will definitely need is the ability to renew themselves constantly throughout their lives.”


For parents who are interested in approaching and understanding their children's emotions, Chích Chòe educational app was created to nurture and develop the emotional intelligence of Vietnamese children. Chích Chòe has set itself on a different path from other video and games platforms with the determination to promote family affection and build a habit of caring and sharing, through localized content in Vietnamese, which is straightforward and age appropriate, overseen by a professional editorial team.

With exclusive content, high quality bilingual videos, Chích Chòe creates fun and relaxing moments for children with famous friends around the world. These are Badanamu, Mimi, Pororo, PaoPao, Tayo, Imira, Boom Chiki Boom with meaningful messages: Learning from an early age is no longer a burden for children, but it is joy when children are  willing to discover and learn.


Not only does Chích Chòe provide  knowledge, but there are  focuses on fostering good qualities for children to become a person of kindness, altruistic, respectful  human and loving.

Parents can choose videos with topics about Love, Attitude, Skills and Knowledge.

Knowledge provide useful information from Nature, Culture, Science and Society, Painting, Music and Language. Videos of Life Skills (survival; conduct; advocacy; self-care; environmental protection). Love (self-love, family, friends, animals, nature, society) and attitudes towards life (optimism, sympathy, gratitude, sharing, discipline).

In addition, 50 interactive games from Chích Chòe are not just about entertainment, but integrated knowledge and skills, focusing on developing imagination, memory, language, math, and sensory perception, enhance concentration, interaction and flexibility for children. Through stories and games, children identify many facts about the world and learn how to regulate emotions, sympathize, share and to mature comprehensively.

A great app for children, Chích Chòe uses fresh graphics and colors to create a striking impression for users. Animated movements enhance children's attention and interaction, thereby encouraging them to explore each feature of Chích Chòe. In addition, Chích Chòe helps parents understand the play time of their children and filter the favorite content for each child and family.

Chích Chòe will bring new experiences to users on smart phones, tablet devices and
smart TV devices. Users can experience basic Chích Chòe package free.

Not only does Chích Chòe bring moments of entertainment to the family, sharing moments among all family members; it is also a place where Vietnamese parents can fully trust that their children freely experience content that is carefully edited and meets Vietnamese standards from a professional and dedicated team.

Source: Chích Chòe