Comprehensive development with music

10:39 pm

Localized songs with clear lyrics, messages about life skills, learning about colors, learning to count, how to take care of yourself, love yourself, family, friends and how to deal with life situations are the key areas for learning.

Have you noticed that children are easily attracted to sounds, melodies, especially songs? The cuteness, intimacy, playful melodies and intelligent characters make every child fascinated. It is most positive  to take advantage of music to not only give children a good time to relax but also help them develop their knowledge, skills and behaviors.


Our brains  process information naturally and easily thanks to rhythm. Although the content of the video may not be understood yet, with all the exciting and engaging activities, children can focus their attention and receive knowledge naturally. The lessons  also get into the minds of children according to the motto "learn to play, play to learn".

Children are fascinated with English songs from famous characters like Badanamu and Pororo. With Chích Chòe,  children can still be immersed in the playful tunes. The Vietnamese-language lyrics that are easy to remember  help children learn communication easily, build good habits, develop thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence. Interesting melodies also help children practice music, create a sense of music and  develop musical attitude.

What does music from Chích Chòe teach children?

Music in the early years of life is extremely important. With the expectation that Vietnamese children will be exposed to the best content, Chích Chòe focuses on providing children with quality educational entertainment programs with a modern, fresh, look full of images and positive energy. With Chích Chòe, chidren can immediately become lost in the world of music with hundreds of familiar songs to children worldwide, that have a  diverse content, from classic cradle, lullaby songs and modern chants.


Cultivate vocabulary

Based oupon a method tostimulate communication in educating children, Vietnamese words used in songs from the Chích Chòe app store are simple, easy to remember and easy to sing. Children will become acquainted with the vocabulary  quickly. In addition, bilingual videos can help children access  diverse languages ​​from an early age. Words are read in a specific context and intonation, making it easier for children to absorb.

The content on the Chích Chòe app is all from one of the world's leading content producer. However, with the experienced, editing and voice-over team, Chích Chòe's videos are edited and localized using clear, simple Vietnamese language, friendly voices. The storytelling developed with a unique, creative vocabulary, Chích Chòe's videos will also become different, not duplicated in any country in the world or on today's video social network.

Practice life skills, build knowledge and love

Through the "catchy" melodies combined with lively images, playful, super cool choreography, children will gradually get used to the strange world around them; useful lessons will help children develop languages, body, foundational skills, discovery thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence.


Children can distinguish colors, learn to count, distinguish animals, seasons, days and months, learn to love themselves, their families, the environment, self-care, personal hygiene and how to behave in common situations.

Many parents are afraid that their children will use their phone or tablet for too long while watching songs, they will be addicted to using electronic devices, causing damage to eyes. Do not worry, Chích Chòe helps parents understand the playing time of the child and filters the favorite content of each child and family.

A good app for children Chích Chòe creates exciting relaxing moments for children with famous friends around the world with stories and songs with meaningful message.  Learning from a young age is no longer a burden for children, but creates happy moments.  Chích Chòe App is available on Google Play and iOS, ready for parents and children to experience the basic packages free of charge.

Not only is the colorful music - educational playground, Chích Chòe also brings creative interactive activities, helping parents and family members to have fun and connect with each others.

Source: Chích Chòe