Evaluating 7 great advantages only on Chích Chòe. Kid's application.

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Chích Chòe not only provides entertainment moments, but is a bridge that fosters sharing moments between all family members. Furthermore, it is a place where parents can trust and allow their children to experience content that is carefully edited and meets Vietnamese standards.

As parents, we try to limit the contact with the audiovisual equipment, but this seems impossible. In a digital age when everything has a corresponding mobile app, education is no exception. Children are exposed to multi-sensory and multi-dimensional educational tools from an early age.


Chích Chòe is a platform that nurtures family sentiment, through customized Vietnamese content for each student. Stories, and adventures of famous cartoon characters on the application take the children to a world full of colorful characters. Children do not feel like they are learning, but through that play they gain knowledge and awareness.

Here are 7 great advantages only available on Chích Chòe.

Cartoon characters are loved all over the world


Children, whether studying at school or at home, build an emotional connection to a character, and can learn independently Chích Chòe is the home of many smart cartoon characters, that fascinate children from all over the world. A cute Bomchikia Bom boy; a Badanamu character brings positive learning experiences; Pororo the mischievous penguin; Green bus Tayo and friends brings children easy to understand transportation lessons. Paopao with the combination of adventure stories and film arts is another valuable learning story.

High quality bilingual video


With exclusive content and high quality bilingual videos children have access to diverse languages ​​from an early age. Words are read in a specific context and clear pronunciation makes it easy for children to absorb.

Developing emotional intelligence to balance intelligence helps children develop comprehensively


A great app for kids Chích Chòe is designed on the basis of emotional intelligence, putting children's joy and dreams at the center. Chích Chòe focuses on content that fosters positive attitude of children towards themselves, family, friends and society. These videos also incorporate Vietnamese proverbs in their content, conveying the beauty of Vietnamese while making them closer to parents and children.

Chích Chòe's videos and games teach phonics, counting, music and crafts are run on a completely modern application platform to help parents approach and understand their children's emotions.

A content repository of up to 4,000 products

More than 2000 clips (expected to increase to 4,000 clips by 2020) are carefully edited for each content and arranged in topics suitable for children to follow such as love, knowledge, attitudes, skills with many learning games; puzzles, maths and phonetics. Parents can search for specific videos for children's learning or entertainment goals.

Focus on developing Vietnamese culture


Chích Chòe has a rich source of unique foreign content edited and adapted for the Vietnamese language, by a team with extensive experience in crafting, editing and dubbing.

Chích Chòe is always aware of the problem of non-standard Vietnamese and the errors in grammar. Chích Chòe works on the preservation, transmission and promotion of the purity and beauty of Vietnamese for children right from their first stages.

Acquisition that promotes interactivity


A good app for kids KidsLoop Play uses graphics and colors to create a striking impression for the user interface. Animated movements enhance children's attention and interaction,  encouraging them to explore each feature of Chích Chòe. Chích Chòe encourages parental interaction with children through the app content, Chích Chòe also helps parents understand children’s play time and can filter the favorite content for each child and family.

Strategic partner is a leading brand

The strategic partners of Chích Chòe are some of the world's leading brands such as Calm Island, Iconix, Ashubia, Grafizix, Imura, Momedia.

Free experience

Chích Chòe App is available on Google Play and iOS, ready for you to experience the basic packages for free.

Source: Chích Chòe